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November 17, 2017
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Season Information: Spring 2004
Spring season
Initial Rosters Due: Jan 9, 2004
Captains Meeting: Jan 14, 2004
Start Date: Jan 21, 2004
Final Rosters Due: Feb 18, 2004
Sponsor & Team Fees Due: Feb 18, 2004
Team Fee $.00 Pay Team Fees
Sponsor Fee $.00
Forms and Files
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More Information
Awards for top shoters for this season are given using this formula: 1 player per team +1. Therefore if there are 6 teams, the top 7 players get awards (6 teams + 1 = 7)

Playoff format for this season will be 4 teams. 4th @ 1st and 3rd @ 2nd.

Players who shoot a 9 mark or 180 will receive a 9 mark or 180 pin. One 9 mark or 180 pin per player per season.

Team final rosters will be updated on this site approx. 1-week after the due date. No changes can be made to rosters after the final roster due date without permission from the board. The use of an illegal player will result in automatic forfeits for each game the suspect player participates in.

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