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April 14, 2021
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Players looking for a team

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Skill level: Advanced
Name Email Date Added
David Rivera Greenbetaray@gmail.com 2-18-2020
Tonya Ahalt Sma6942@gmail.com 3-24-2019
Skill level: Beginner
Name Email Date Added
Bobby Brown natsrock1@mail.com 11-20-2019
Chris Tucker tread31@gmail.com 12-23-2019
Robert Brown robert_brown01@comcast.net 10-25-2019
Ronald Teats ronaldteats@yahoo.com 3-14-2019
Ted Neeves junkmail@neevesfamily.com 2-10-2020
Skill level: Intermediate
Name Email Date Added
Bill Costlow bill.costlow@gmail.com 10-29-2019
Chad Skeens cskeens0420@gmail.com 2-8-2019
Dan Elliott dan.elliott1@yahoo.com 1-16-2020
Donny Testerman JR donnyt9671@gmail.com 8-9-2020
Eric Bowman Bowman94e 1-18-2019
Gordon Wall thedonsk@comcast.net 1-10-2019
John Moore Johnlax5@msn.com 9-1-2020
Ken McFadden Kensreef@gmail.com 1-8-2021
Mark Croner Markcroner0506@gmail.com 10-15-2020
Rich Morris rich.morris4@yahoo.com 6-1-2019
Robert Coblentz robert.coblentz@gmail.com 7-4-2019
Skill level: Novice
Name Email Date Added
David Leith dleith88@gmail.com 1-3-2019
Nick Kramer Kramernicklaus01@gmail.com 8-16-2019
Tracy Poston Tracyisin2003@yahoo.com 1-21-2019
Skill level: Unknown
Name Email Date Added
Bobby Brown natsrock1@mail.com 11-21-2019
Lee Bigelow e17bigelow@yahoo.com 9-9-2020
Tom Hilton tomhilton66@gmail.com 7-24-2019
Vince Masser vincemasser2@gmail.com 1-16-2019
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