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November 17, 2017
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Players looking for a team

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Skill level: Advanced
Name Email Date Added
Adam Ritchie aritch66@gmail.com 7-4-2017
JimmiNi afcHgoeHoqWqYLFB jimosa4ccf2@hotmail.com 10-22-2017
JimmiNi sPgEHWrVJCJGiTipGMQ jimosa4ccf2@hotmail.com 10-20-2017
JimmiNu KYDdJpFrTOyjpr ec12342vtv@hotmail.com 9-9-2017
Keith Dufresne usacshaker1@hotmail.com 10-1-2016
Shelley Wallace ma.scarecrow@comcast.net 6-12-2017
Skill level: Beginner
Name Email Date Added
Ben Mensah nmensah7721@gmail.com 3-6-2017
Erik Neidinger eneidinger@yahoo.com 1-10-2017
Jordan Snowden poolguyjordan12@gmail.com 7-5-2017
Kevin Heerd Goofy07669@aol.com 7-25-2017
Paul Tan Pvt3@Verizon.net 5-7-2017
Skill level: Expert
Name Email Date Added
JimmiNi wZJCdRofVYpQJeKJLOC jimosa4ccf2@hotmail.com 10-22-2017
JimmiNu inqjnDQndEYfbipP ec12342vtv@hotmail.com 9-9-2017
Skill level: Intermediate
Name Email Date Added
Dennis Knight dandlisaknight@yahoo.com 7-17-2017
Don Stone stoneman686@yahoo.com 11-1-2016
George Richardson III GRichardson19@aol.com 2-8-2017
Jesse Keene JesseKeene@outlook.com 2-17-2016
Jesse Keene democratdown@comcast.net 2-17-2016
Jim Beacom wjbeacom@aol.com 5-4-2016
JimmiNi yTKPnCVKZiJsZ jimosa4ccf2@hotmail.com 10-21-2017
John Laserna Made2lastjj@gmail.com 11-3-2015
Kevin Beeman dartboard_857@hotmail.com 5-23-2016
Patrick O'Shea patrickoshea94@gmail.com 11-20-2015
Patrick Salvagno padjp91@gmail.com 9-12-2016
Peter Thar peterthar2390@gmail.com 3-30-2017
Samantha Inscoe inscoe.samantha@gmail.com 11-16-2016
Skill level: Novice
Name Email Date Added
Daniel Brown oldlinewoodworkingmd@gmail.com 10-6-2017
JimmiNi tpcPvdCxJX jimosa4ccf2@hotmail.com 10-21-2017
JimmiNi UAPsEKipUZvyUQgCvbk jimosa4ccf2@hotmail.com 10-20-2017
JimmiNu EQpTMQNgOzYsmrGTQhv ec12342vtv@hotmail.com 9-8-2017
JimmiNu xenjnVgSusI ec12342vtv@hotmail.com 9-9-2017
JimmiXzSqc rSxMZwRbfJUsNZgCGS jimosa45812rt1@hotmail.com 7-30-2017
Ricardo Diaz Ricard.Diaz93@comcast.net 8-28-2017
Skill level: Unknown
Name Email Date Added
C. C. Beshai chuebeshai0401@gmail.com 10-2-2017
Christopher Ulsh Christopherulsh@Icloud.com 12-23-2016
John Boyer jrboyerjr@gmail.com 1-31-2016
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