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November 17, 2017
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Season Information: Fall 2009
Fall season
Initial Rosters Due: Aug 16, 2009
Captains Meeting: Aug 19, 2009
Start Date: Aug 26, 2009
Final Rosters Due: Sep 23, 2009
Sponsor & Team Fees Due: Sep 23, 2009
Team Fee $200.00 Pay Team Fees
Sponsor Fee $75.00
Forms and Files
File Name   Size Type Dls
Division 2 Scoresheet.PDF 799.38 k Document type 1244
Division 3 Scoresheet.PDF 799.31 k Document type 1330
Division 4 + 5 Scoresheet.PDF 803.26 k Document type 1481
Division 1 Scoresheet.pdf 7.62 k Document type 1376
Final Roster Fall 2009.doc 44.03 k Document type 1300
Guidelines 2009-Final.pdf 94.86 k Document type 1256
Initial Roster Spring 2010.doc 45.06 k Document type 1173
WMDA Spring 2010 Newsletter.pdf 820.24 k Document type 2455
More Information
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Team Rosters

You may fax roster forms to 928-569-2910 or mail to WMDA, P.O. Box 1308, Frederick, MD 21702 or drop off in stat box located at Krug's Place. Please include a cover letter with contact name and phone number when faxing rosters.

The captain's meeting will be held at Krug's Place at 7:30 PM. This meeting is mandatory for team captains. This meeting is open to ALL WMDA MEMBERS. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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