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November 17, 2017
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Season Information: Spring 2009
Spring season
Initial Rosters Due: Jan 2, 2009
Captains Meeting: Jan 7, 2009
Start Date: Jan 14, 2009
Final Rosters Due: Feb 11, 2009
Sponsor & Team Fees Due: Feb 11, 2009
Team Fee $200.00 Pay Team Fees
Sponsor Fee $75.00
Forms and Files
File Name   Size Type Dls
Aug11-2008-Guidelines-Final.pdf 110.74 k Document type 1388
Division 1 Scoresheet.pdf 7.62 k Document type 1350
Division 2 Scoresheet.pdf 9.64 k Document type 1382
Division 3 Scoresheet.pdf 9.46 k Document type 1300
Division 4a Scoresheets.pdf 11.26 k Document type 1351
Division 4b Scoresheets.pdf 11.27 k Document type 1374
Division ALL Scoresheet Back.pdf 16.77 k Document type 2155
Final Roster Spring 2009.pdf 25.32 k Document type 1356
Initial Roster Spring 2009.pdf 17.79 k Document type 1504
Initial Roster Summer 2009.doc 45.06 k Document type 1254
More Information
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Team Rosters

You may fax roster forms to 928-569-2910 or mail to WMDA, P.O. Box 1308, Frederick, MD 21702 or drop off in stat box located at Krug's Place. Please include a cover letter with contact name and phone number when faxing rosters.

The captain's meeting will be held at Krug's Place at 7:30 PM. This meeting is mandatory for team captains. This meeting is open to ALL WMDA MEMBERS. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend. We will be voting for 4 board member positions and President.

Division match formats will remain the same as last season.

  • Playoff format for divisions with 6 or less teams will be: 4th @ 1st and 3rd @ 2nd.
  • Playoff format for divisions with more than 6 teams will be: 8th @ 1st, 7th @ 2nd, 6th @ 3rd, and 5th @ 4th

Additional Playoff Information:
  • Other than 180s and 9 marks, there are no back-of-the-sheet stats during the playoffs. Do not record 5 marks, tons etc…
  • Playoff matches are the same format as the regular season.
  • Playoff matches are "Sudden death." The match is over once 1 team has mathematically eliminated the other. In other words, if one team falls behind by more games than are left to play, the match is over.
  • In the event of a tie, a single tie-breaking game of Team 1001 will determine the winner. Team 1001 is straight in, double out. A team is considered 4 players or more. You do not have to play every available player.


Individual awards to be presented this season per division:
  • Top Shooter #1 (male)
  • Top Shooter #1 (female) *must be at least 3 female participants in the division that play the minimum required amount of games.
  • Top Shooter (#2…**see below)
  • High Out
  • High In
    **Awards for top shooters for this season are given using this formula: 1 player per team +1. Therefore if there are 6 teams, the top 7 players get awards (6 teams + 1 = 7). Players must play the minimum number of games for their division to be eligible to receive personal awards.

    Players who shoot a 9 mark or 180 will receive a 9 mark or 180 pin. Players who have more than one 9 mark or ton 180 can opt to buy a pin for each additional 9 mark or 180 they throw for $1.00 each. Example: You throw three 9 marks this season. The first is awarded as usual then you may purchase the other 2 for $1.00 each.
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