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November 17, 2018
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The Western Maryland Dart Association is the largest organized steel-tip dart league in the Frederick, MD USA area. We have been running continuously for over 40 years. Our 400+ members participate in multiple divisions, on dozens of teams, sponsored by many of the Frederick area's bars and restaurants. Our primary goal is to provide a fun, challenging and rewarding darting experience for all our members. In WMDA, excellence and good sportsmanship are required. We stress individuality of each participant, and comaraderie among all WMDA members.

We have 3 seperate seasons. Fall, Spring, and Summer. These seasons play year-round so you can always get a team together no matter what time of the year it is.

Don't think you're good enough to play league darts? You don't have to be an expert! We have separate divisions for players of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. In the WMDA, everyone can play and anyone can win.

Think it might be too expensive? Steel tip darts is by far one of the most inexpensive leagues to play in. Pool, Bowling, even soft tip darts average anywhere from $15-25 a week to play, and that doesn't include other costs. Depending on how many players you have on a team at MOST our dues cost a player on average $2.50 a week per season. Yes---$2.50 a week!

Interested? Want more information? Contact us and we'll help you get on your way to playing league darts. After all, that is what the WMDA is all about—playing darts and having fun doing it.

Are you a bar owner or manager looking for more information on league darts? Click here to download our 'What's in it for me' brochure.

For more information, email us at wmda01@gmail.com or call Daniel Brown at 240-707-0327.

Teams now forming! Click here for more information.
HALLOWEEN & THANKSGIVING NOTES - Oct 25, 2018 - Brett Rosenthal
There will be NO DARTS NEXT WEDNESDAY, as we know a large number of league players will be unable to make it because they will be trick-or-treating with their children. Please enjoy your Halloween and your week off.

Additionally THE SCHEDULE HAS AN ERROR. The schedule has the league playing on November 21 but off on November 28. Thanksgiving is November 22 -- we will be OFF November 22 and PLAYING November 28. We will send an E-Mail to the Captains and post this on the WMDA Facebook. We'll update the schedule on the website as well if possible.

Please update the rest of your team if you see this info, we don't want any confusion in the upcoming weeks.

Enjoy your Halloween next week!
LOD at American Legion - Mon. 11/19 - Nov 15, 2018 - Geoff Mueller
This Monday November 19th.
Sign-ups @6:30. Start time 7:00pm

$5 entry, Cricket, 501, Cork Calls.

American Legion
1450 Taney Ave.
Frederick, MD 21702

For the Cause - Sep 23, 2018 - Daniel Brown
For the Cause shoot is Oct 20th @ the legion. DOORS OPEN @12 more news to follow this weeks
Crusaders D3 - Sep 23, 2018 - Daniel Brown
D3 division,
The Crusaders no longer have a team for this season.
The captain called me said he did not have enough
Players. There will be bye weeks for when we play him and the first week match against the Legion Inglorious bs will be adjusted to reflect a forfeit to keep everything fair across the division. Any issues please contact me at wmda01@gmail.com or my cel 240-707-0327

The format of the website doesn't allow for re-setting matches to zero. SO - instead of a BYE week, any team who is scheduled to play the Crusaders team will receive a 2/3 to 1/3 forfeit in their favor. FOR THIS SEASON ONLY!!!

-Kevin Szarnicki, Statistician
Being Respectful - Sep 15, 2018 - Daniel Brown
I would like to reiterate the need for all players to be polite and respectful during matches. Yes, darts can be a frustrating game at times and we all get upset from time to time. Regardless, please remember that we are playing in bars and restaurants where other people gather. Cussing loudly is inappropriate and rude to the other guests at these establishments. Please keep this in mind in the upcoming weeks. If you have any questions about this, contact wmda01@gmail.com.

Board meeting cancelled - Sep 13, 2018 - Daniel Brown
Board meeting is cancelled tonight. Will reschedule for 9/20@7pm. Meeting at redmans
Board meeting cancelled - Sep 13, 2018 - Daniel Brown
The board meeting is cancelled for tonight. Will reschedule for 9/20 @7pm. We will he meeting at redmans.
Fall 2018 Season Now Online! - Aug 30, 2018 - Brett Rosenthal
The teams and schedules for all Fall 2018 divisions should be online. Prior to next Wednesday we should have the team rosters up with your updated initial rosters and the forms for this season. If you have any questions on the season starting next Monday please e-Mail wmda01@gmail.com
Spring Awards / Summer Picnic SUNDA - Aug 17, 2018 - Brett Rosenthal
I first want to congratulate the Capital Crave Flight Club on their Summer Season victory this Wednesday against another very good team in the O's Nest Dilly Dilly. It was another excellent summer session, I hope everyone who played enjoyed the season!

The Spring Awards and the Summer Picnic is THIS SUNDAY, August 19 at 12PM! It is in Pavilion 2 of Ballenger Creek Park and we will have all of the food ready by noon, we will relax and eat until 1:30 or so. There will be free soft drinks, beer, chips, sides, smoked brisket, smoked pulled pork, and fried chicken. Please invite all your teammates, bring your family, bring any new shooters to meet league members, etc. We will have plenty of food and drinks!

Next we will do some door prizes, awards from the Spring 2018 season, as well as pins for 180s / 9 marks. We will also briefly go over a few minor rules changes that will be in effect at the start of the fall season.

Please feel free to bring your preliminary rosters to the picnic and we will collect them! Remember to include all shooter's E-Mail addresses on the form! FALL ROSTERS ARE DUE NEXT WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22. The form can be found under Features > Forms and Files on the website. I am also going to e-mail this note and it is attached to this E-Mail. PLEASE PLEASE try to get these in as soon as you can, we are missing a lot of E-Mails from the website crashing last year and the more sheets we have in the earlier, the more people we can try and locate/contact who haven't seen this E-Mail or post on the website but want to play and just need a reminder. Please remind other league members / teams as well if you know any of them, I think we have 2 roster forms in as of today and they are due in 5 days!

Following all of the awards we WILL have a luck of the draw for anyone who wants to participate! So bring your darts (or find Brett, I will bring extra sets for anyone who forgets)!There will be at least 4 portable boards and we will set them up inside the pavilion once we break down the food tables if it is raining -- if not we will enjoy the sunshine and shooting outside. As of right now (Friday morning) the weather is looking like a toss-up, could be beautiful, could be raining. The picnic, awards, and LOD will go on rain or shine. LOD will be $5 entry and the league will add something in to sweeten the pot so stick around and play if you aren't in a rush!

We look forward to seeing all of you there. If you want to bring something (cookies or a side or anything) please feel free but it is not required. As a reminder I will outline the dates one more time below:

Sun 8/19 -- Summer Picnic - Ballenger Creek Park -- 12PM
Weds. 8/22 -- FALL ROSTERS DUE
Weds. 8/29 -- Captains Meeting -- Blue Side 7PM (LOD to follow)
Weds. 9/5 -- First Week of Fall Season!!!
Sat. 10/20 -- For the Cause Tournament -- AM. Legion -- More details coming soon
Upcoming Events, Deadlines, etc. - Jul 13, 2018 - Brett Rosenthal
I hope everyone's summer sessions have been enjoyable! Below I will first provide a schedule of upcoming dates of note and then expand on some of them below the schedule. If you have any questions do not hesitate to e-mail wmda01@gmail.com

WMDA DATES OF NOTE (updated 7/13/18)

08/01 (Weds) -- Last Week of Summer Regular Season
08/09 (Thurs) -- Board Meeting 7:30PM @ Am. Legion ALL WELCOME
08/15 (Weds) -- Summer Championship
08/19 (Sun) --SUMMER BANQUET / PICNIC (More Details Below)
08/22 (Weds) -- FALL ROSTERS DUE
08/29 (Weds) -- Captains Meeting, 7PM, Blue Side ALL WELCOME
09/05 -- Fall Session Begins
10/20 -- For the Cause Tournament @ Am. Legion


The picnic will be held in Pavilion 2 at Ballenger Creek Park. Beer, soft drinks, sides and snacks will be provided. We will have fried chicken as a main as well as smoked pork BBQ and brisket on a large smoker at the park, ready for consumption at noon!

Please bring your sig. others, family, new league members, etc. We are expecting around 100 people after a great turnout last summer. We will be handing out plaques/trophies for the Spring Session awards, so please come collect your Spring awards even if you are not playing in the summer session.

Additionally, we are going to try and have a luck of the draw at the park, so BRING YOUR DARTS! We're working on getting the portable boards together for the picnic and weather permitting we will have a luck of the draw after lunch and awards presentation, with sign-ups around 2PM or so.

Please feel free to bring a side dish or dessert if there is anything you would like to help out with. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


The fall roster form should be up on the website by the time you read this. Please ensure your preliminary rosters are in by 08/22 so we can have the schedules, divisions, etc. ready by the Captain's Meeting the following week.

NOTE!!!!: It is extremely important that you at least put the E-Mail addresses for all shooters on the roster sheet. Unfortunately, when the website crashed last year we lost almost all of the e-mail addresses. We need everyone's E-Mail address on this sessions roster sheet! If you submit your roster sheet without them then someone from the league will have to contact you to get the E-Mail addresses and it will slow everything down, so please include everyone's E-Mail!


On August 28th we will be handing out the dart boards, team packets, etc. for the fall session. The Captains Meeting will be brief, with a short discussion on a few tweaks for the fall session and then we will have a luck of the draw. LOD sign-ups will begin around 7:30, with the darts coming shortly thereafter. Please feel free to bring any teammates that want to play in the luck!

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