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June 7, 2023
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The Western Maryland Dart Association is the largest organized steel-tip dart league in the Frederick, MD USA area. We have been running continuously for over 40 years. Our 400+ members participate in multiple divisions, on dozens of teams, sponsored by many of the Frederick area's bars and restaurants. Our primary goal is to provide a fun, challenging and rewarding darting experience for all our members. In WMDA, excellence and good sportsmanship are required. We stress individuality of each participant, and comaraderie among all WMDA members.

We have 3 seperate seasons. Fall, Spring, and Summer. These seasons play year-round so you can always get a team together no matter what time of the year it is.

Don't think you're good enough to play league darts? You don't have to be an expert! We have separate divisions for players of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. In the WMDA, everyone can play and anyone can win.

Think it might be too expensive? Steel tip darts is by far one of the most inexpensive leagues to play in. Pool, Bowling, even soft tip darts average anywhere from $15-25 a week to play, and that doesn't include other costs. Depending on how many players you have on a team at MOST our dues cost a player on average $2.50 a week per season. Yes---$2.50 a week!

Interested? Want more information? Contact us and we'll help you get on your way to playing league darts. After all, that is what the WMDA is all about—playing darts and having fun doing it.

Are you a bar owner or manager looking for more information on league darts? Click here to download our 'What's in it for me' brochure.

For more information, email us at wmda01@gmail.com.

Teams now forming! Click here for more information.
Summer 2023 Weekly Luck of the Draw - Apr 30, 2023 - Diane Zepp
WMDA will be hosting weekly LODs this summer at a number of our different host bars! All dart players are WELCOME!

A/B Shooters will be paired.

Come out and support these great host bars.

LOD# 1 June 7 at Capital Crave
LOD# 2 June 14 at Orioles Nest
LOD# 3 June 21 at Olde Mother Brewery
LOD# 4 June 28 at Orioles Nest
LOD# 5 July 12 at Olde Mother Brewery
LOD# 6 July 19 at Capital Crave
LOD# 7 July 26 at Orioles Nest

LODs will open sign-ups at 7PM and close sign-ups at 7:15PM.
$10 entry/person for main event with 100% payout!
9-Mark/180 pins will be recorded and awarded. No individual stats.

Questions? E-mail wmda01@gmail.com or find us on Facebook!
Board Meeting - Sep 1, 2021 - Brett Rosenthal
June 5, 2023
6:30 pm
Capital Crave

All are Welcome!!!
WMDA New Shirts - Jul 27, 2021 - Geoff Mueller

This year our WMDA Maryland State Team League players wore new shirts. Everyone who wore or saw them loved them. So WMDA is offering you the opportunity to purchase your own shirt.
Taking pre-orders through June 21st. Payment must be made prior to this date. Shirts will take 4-8 weeks for processing and shipping.

Contact Name: _________________________ Contact email: ____________________
Contact phone: ___________________ Paid via CASH / CHECK (Circle One) $45 per shirt
Please PRINT Clearly to avoid mistakes. Please note that you do NOT have to put your name on shirt.
Quantity Size Mens or Ladies Name on Front Chest Name on Lower Back

Questions, please contact Diane Zepp at wmda01@gmail.com or 240-367-6698.
Spring 2023 Playoff Champions - Jun 1, 2021 - Geoff Mueller

D1 – Capital Crave Chairmen of the Board
D2 – Redmens Tons of Bull
D3 – Olde Mother Originals
D4 – Olde Towne House of Payne
501 Tournament - Feb 14, 2022 - Diane Zepp

Bit of England Dart and Game Shoppe will be here!!!

Saturday, 21st January 2023 at 12:00pm

501 Tournament

SATURDAY, January 21, 2023
$10.00 Entry Fee per Event
Single Elimination
1st Event Mixed Trips
2nd Event Singles* (Men and Women**)
3rd Event Doubles (Men and Women**)
4th Event Luck of the Draw
*If there are a minimum of 48 players, we will have an A and B bracket.
**If there are not at least 8 women to participate, then there will not be a women’s singles/doubles event.
If you were not a WMDA Fall 2022 season player, you will be asked to provide your DartConnect DPA. Please be prepared to do so the day of the event. Unable to provide, you will be placed in A bracket.

100% Payouts
WMDA will contribute $250 to the Singles Pot
Orioles Nest will contribute $200 to the Luck of the Draw

Location: Orioles Nest 331
1037 West Patrick Street, Suite A
Frederick MD 21701
Entrance around back of Burlington Coat Factory on Key Parkway

You do not need to be a Western Maryland Dart Association member to participate. All skill levels are encouraged to participate in this event.

Doors will open at 11:00 am
Sign ups at 11:30 am (Pre-registration is encouraged and form will be
made available closer to the date of the event) NO REFUNDS
1st event starts at 12:00 pm
For more information email wmda01@gmail.com or
visit our Facebook page Western Maryland Dart Association
Alert icon WMDA MD League State Qualifier - Feb 14, 2022 - Diane Zepp
Saturday, January 28th
@ Orioles Nest #331, Frederick MD
WMDA will be hosting Qualifiers for the MD League State Championship. Top 5 males and Top 3 females qualify. The MD State Tournament will take place around May 2023, so you must be available for that timeframe as well. WMDA will provide team with T-Shirts and cover the team fee and some team expenses. Qualifier is free to all active WMDA members.
Sign-Ups for Qualifiers
Open @ 12pm Saturday -- Close @ 12:30pm
Darts Begin by 1pm (Round Robin)
Qualifier Format TBD Depending on Participation. Finals should be held at Triple Nines Bar around May 2023. 100% payout to Top 2 Leagues in a Round Robin Chicago-Style Format.

Contact WMDA at wmda01@gmail.com for questions.
Find us on Facebook!
Spring Mandatory Captain Meeting - Aug 11, 2021 - Brett Rosenthal
Wednesday, 18th January 2023 at 7:00pm

Spring 2023 Mandatory Captain Meeting

Mandatory Captain Meeting
Orioles Nest

LOD immediately following meeting!!
Finals - Jul 14, 2021 - Brett Rosenthal
Here you go.... FINALS
D1 - Top Guns @ Chairmen of the Board
D2 - Tons of Bull @ Bulls Deep
D3 - Double Bull Out @ Originals
D4 - The Craz @ House of Payne

Congratulations to all teams who have made it to the Finals!

Thanks for a wonderful Spring 2023 season.

Summer Season will consist of weekly LODs. Be on the lookout for locations.

Also we have Fall 2023 starting Aug 16th. For The Cause Tournament coming this October.
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