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June 23, 2024
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The Western Maryland Dart Association is the largest organized steel-tip dart league in the Frederick, MD USA area. We have been running continuously for over 40 years. Our 400+ members participate in multiple divisions, on dozens of teams, sponsored by many of the Frederick area's bars and restaurants. Our primary goal is to provide a fun, challenging and rewarding darting experience for all our members. In WMDA, excellence and good sportsmanship are required. We stress individuality of each participant, and comaraderie among all WMDA members.

We have 3 seperate seasons. Fall, Spring, and Summer. These seasons play year-round so you can always get a team together no matter what time of the year it is.

Don't think you're good enough to play league darts? You don't have to be an expert! We have separate divisions for players of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. In the WMDA, everyone can play and anyone can win.

Think it might be too expensive? Steel tip darts is by far one of the most inexpensive leagues to play in. Pool, Bowling, even soft tip darts average anywhere from $15-25 a week to play, and that doesn't include other costs. Depending on how many players you have on a team at MOST our dues cost a player on average $2.50 a week per season. Yes---$2.50 a week!

Interested? Want more information? Contact us and we'll help you get on your way to playing league darts. After all, that is what the WMDA is all about�playing darts and having fun doing it.

Are you a bar owner or manager looking for more information on league darts? Click here to download our 'What's in it for me' brochure.

For more information, email us at [email protected].

Teams now forming! Click here for more information.
REMINDER of Rules - Feb 5, 2024 - Diane Zepp
1.1.6 Conduct General

As a team captain, you are responsible for the overall conduct of your team and its members. Violence of any sort will not be tolerated. Anyone who initiates any sort of physical contact will be automatically suspended from league play until determined by the Board of Directors. Threat of harm is considered assault and can be dealt with as harshly. Throwing objects, poor sportsmanship, poor conduct, bad language, and intimidating, verbal abuse will not be tolerated and will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the board. Continued violations of these policies could result in probation and/or suspension from the league. Destruction of property will not be tolerated. Any willful destruction of property by a WMDA player towards a bar could result in that player being responsible for repair and/or replacement of any damaged property at the cost of the WMDA player as well as possible probation and/or suspension from the league. If you as a player or captain witness any of these infractions by anyone please notify the board by email, written or verbal complaint so the board can address the situation and take action. Reports shall include: time and date of occurrence, first and last name of persons involved, as well as any other witnesses (optional) and a detailed account of the occurrence. Any person or persons who come forth can receive complete anonymity if they so choose. Disciplinary Meetings

Members involved in any sort of altercation or violation of the conduct guideline will be allowed to present or defend their actions and/or charges at either a special or regular meeting of the board of directors. After hearing all parties associated with the infraction, determination of disciplinary action will be voted upon by the board of directors. Penalties and Enforcement

Any team captain who fails to meet the responsibilities and expectations of a team captain may be prohibited from holding a team captaincy at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. Examples of captains’ irresponsibility include, but are not limited to:

- Repeated failure to collect and pay league fees in a timely manner

- Repeated failure to submit league paperwork (rosters, score sheets, etc) in a timely manner

- Wanton disregard for league etiquette, courtesy and sportsmanship
Summer 2024 Weekly LOD Schedule - Jun 10, 2024 - Geoff Mueller
WMDA will be hosting weekly LODs this summer at a number of our different host bars! Schedule is below --- ALL Dart Players are welcome.

#1 June 5 Orioles Nest
#2 June 12 Redmens
#3 June 19 Capital Crave
#4 June 26 Olde Mother
NO LOD Wednesday, 7/3
#5 July 10 Orioles Nest
#6 July 17 Eagles
#7 July 24 Capital Crave
#8 July 31 Amvets Post 2
Summer 2024 Weekly LOD Schedule - May 19, 2024 - Diane Zepp
WMDA will be hosting weekly LODs this summer at a number of our different host bars! Schedule is below --- ALL Dart Players are welcome.

#1 June 5 Orioles Nest
#2 June 12 Redmens
#3 June 19 Capital Crave
#4 June 26 Olde Mother
NO LOD Wednesday, 7/3
#5 July 10 Orioles Nest
#6 July 17 Eagles
#7 July 24 Capital Crave
#8 July 31 Amvets Post 2

LODs will open sign-ups at 7pm and close sign-ups at 7:15pm.

$10 entry/person for main event with 100% payout!

9-Mark/180 pins will be recorded and awarded. No Statsl

WMDA will pair A/B shooters for the LODs to encourage participation from shooters of all skill levels. Come support our great host bars this summer and win some money!

Questions? Email [email protected] or find us on Facebook!

WMDA 501 Tournament - Apr 21, 2024 - Diane Zepp
Saturday, July 13,2024
$10.00 Entry Fee per Event
Single Elimination

Orioles Nest 331
1037 West Patrick Street, Suite A
Frederick MD 21701

Doors will open at 11:30 am
Sign-ups at 12:00 pm
1st event starts at 12:30 pm


More details to come!!
Alert icon WMDA New Shirts - Jul 27, 2021 - 8bu71g d0j07o

This year our WMDA Maryland State Team League players wore new shirts. Everyone who wore or saw them loved them. So WMDA is offering you the opportunity to purchase your own shirt.
Taking pre-orders through June 21st. Payment must be made prior to this date. Shirts will take 4-8 weeks for processing and shipping.

Contact Name: _________________________ Contact email: ____________________
Contact phone: ___________________ Paid via CASH / CHECK (Circle One) $45 per shirt
Please PRINT Clearly to avoid mistakes. Please note that you do NOT have to put your name on shirt.
Quantity Size Mens or Ladies Name on Front Chest Name on Lower Back

Questions, please contact Diane Zepp at [email protected] or 240-367-6698.
Note icon Spring 2023 Playoff Champions - Jun 1, 2021 - 8bu71g d0j07o
D1 – Capital Crave Chairmen of the Board
D2 – Redmens Tons of Bull
D3 – Olde Mother Originals
D4 – Olde Towne House of Payne
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